Me in Action

Witam and Hello! My name is Damian Marciniak and welcome to my official Efolio page. I am a Senior at Holy Cross College attaining my final requisites for my Bachelor's Degree in Business and also my minor in Communications. Though a majority of my family is descended from Poland, I was born and raised in Michigan City, Indiana. The one thing that led me to aquire my collegiate academic credentials at Holy Cross College was through an athletic scholarship for the developing Men's Varsity Soccer Program. It has been my lifelong dream to play soccer at the collegiate level and Holy Cross College has given me the chance and opportunity to make such a dream conceivable.

Prior to attending Holy Cross College, I knew very little about the institute. The only thing I really knew was that when compared to other universities and colleges, Holy Cross was very small in size and proportion. Though surrounded by a large supporting integration with the likes of St. Mary's College, the University of Notre Dame, and the general South Bend public, Holy Cross still had a little community of its own. Along with my scholarship, this factor alone is what drew me into the HoCro family.

My experience here at Holy Cross has been truly one of a kind. I have made lifelong friends and endured memories that will stay with me for the rest of my days. I am very blessed to have been able to be a part of Holy Cross for the past four years. I have developed personal one-on-one relationships with my professors that most students could not make possible at larger collegiate institutions. I find this trait very important because Holy Cross College, though again small in size and proportion, has a very big heart. One can find that when he or she walks through the halls and sit in the classrooms. Our staff and community strive and push us as students and people to be the best we can in and out of the classroom.

The theme of my Efolio is "There is No Knowledge that is not Power". Through my experiences tribulations at Holy Cross I have come to find out the true importance of knowledge. Though some knowledge may be used on a daily basis whereas other bits of it may be restored in the back of one's mind for the next thirty years, the importance of it is very significant. You never know when what you learn will become vital and come into place, therefore the more you learn the more power you have to be knowledgeable with the world around you.

Thank you for taking time to look and browse through my Efolio. I hope you gain some power!!